How Men And Women Should Update Their Dating Game In 2018

To stay ahead in the dating game, you need to update your tactics and techniques. How you dated five years ago may not bring you a lot of luck in the realm of love today. But, how do you update your dating game to make it more current? Where do you start?

How Men And Women Should Update Their Dating Game In 2018 | Anastasia Date

Updated Dating Game Principles To Remember

The good news about this is that there are dating principles that you don’t actually need to change. Classic ones like “be yourself” or “be a gentleman” still apply today but here are ones that you need to remember in these current times:

For Men

Don’t pursue women who are not interested in you. There are men who still think that all women are playing coy. The “No” answer could be turned to “Yes” with constant persuasion and pursuing. This is not the case anymore. When women say NO, it means NO.

Be more selective. Remember that not everyone will be a good match for you. Although casting a wide net is a good idea, you have to lay down some sort of standards for who you want to meet. When you have set those boundaries, make sure that you do not cross them.

For Women

Be proactive. Modern women don’t sit around, waiting for Prince Charming to appear out of thin air. If you want to find a date, you have to act on it. Sign up to online dating websites or take classes in your neighborhood. These are great ways to meet new people.

Stay in the moment. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Stop your habit of daydreaming about a possible future with someone only after a couple of dates. The truth is, it might not work out so you have to be realistic. Enjoy the moment and be present in it. The future will take care of itself.

These tips are pretty straightforward but they just might change the way your dating game is running. For more tips about dating, relationships, and self-improvement, read more posts on our blog.