This Is How You Should Date As An Adult

When we are young and immature, dating is nothing but a game, a way to discover ourselves, our desires, limitations, and self-worth. As we mature, however, dating becomes more than just a way to have fun, and the mistakes we made as 20-somethings become inexcusable. If you want to date as an adult, or if you’re wondering whether you’re doing it right, these are the basic principles.

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What You Do When You Date As An Adult

Dating doesn’t have to stop being enjoyable, but with age should come wisdom, and dating is something you should be able to do better as an adult. Here’s how:

First of all, when you’ve reached a certain age, you should have some idea of what kind of person is a good fit for you. Adults keep an open mind, but know their limits and preferences and tend not to waste time with people who are clearly a bad match for them.

Second, mature people know not to hide their true colors. Of course, you are going to project your best qualities and put your best foot forward when you start going out with someone but that is, by no means, an excuse to pretend to be someone you’re not just to please your date.

The third thing any self-respecting adult does on a date is to discuss his values and the way he sees life. This is vital because good looks may be the thing that will draw his attention to a lady, but he still needs to know they are in agreement, at least as concerns the most vital aspects of life and their goals (it doesn’t matter if you like jazz music and she doesn’t, but if you are family-oriented when she’s not, this is going to be a problem down the line).

The fourth sign of maturity when it comes to dating is how in control of his emotions a grown-up is. While teenagers and young adults get carried away and make thoughtless moves, a mature person has the emotional intelligence to gauge situations and take more things into account than his impulses.

Last but not least, a person who dates as an adult knows his own self well enough to trust his intuition and feelings. If the date doesn’t feel right, if things feel too forced, he will know when it’s a good time to politely end things and move on.

All in all, dating as an adult is not rocket science, it is all about being honest and mature enough to deal with things by balancing your emotions and your logic.