The Singles Guide To Knowing What Not To Wear On A Date

When you’re asked about what an appropriate date outfit is, what do you answer? Definitely, you’re going to base your outfit choice on your personal sense of style or the lack thereof. But, when you think about it, is it really necessary to be fashionable in today’s dating scene? Are there outfits or items of clothing that we shouldn’t wear on a date?

What NOT To Wear On A Date | Anastasia Date

The Truth Behind What You Wear On A Date Is Revealed

Generally, it would be nice and beneficial for you to show up with the appropriate outfit on. If you’re going to a dinner, it would look nice to wear a semi-formal shirt. If it’s just a cafe date, then nice shirt paired with some jeans would work.

Despite this, not all of us have been blessed with a sense of style. What we wear on a date could be the usual clothes we wear on a daily basis. This is the first mistake that many of us are making. Listed below are a few more outfit mistakes that we are guilty of:

  • Wrinkled clothes – 66%
  • Socks and sandals – 55%
  • Crocs – 53%
  • Baggy clothes – 50%
  • Dressing too young for one’s age – 44%
  • Boardshorts – 45%
  • Pants that are too long or short – 39%
  • Low-rise pants – 38%
  • Super-tight shirts – 34%

This data comes from one online research which surveyed around 6,000 online daters. Surprisingly, the same research revealed that those from the younger generation care less about a person’s fashion sense. About 77% said that they would look past poor outfit choices as long as the person is interesting and date-able.

Despite this, 69% of the singles surveyed agreed that clothes a good first impression. First impressions are important at the beginning of a potential relationship because it is a means for the other person to have his or her own view of you.


If you’re dating someone younger than you, then you might not need to dress up for your date. However, in a general sense, showing up wearing the right clothes (not wrinkly), is a plus in anyone’s book. Do share this post if you found it interesting. Read more on our blog.