You Should Never Ask Women Any Of These Dating Questions

When a woman likes you, you can get away with almost anything. But, if you’re still dating and it’s not clear whether she’s into you or not, you have to be careful about how you act and what you say. Most men don’t realize this, and that’s why, during dates, they blow their chances because they often act too confident and ask dating questions that you should never ask any woman.

You Should Never Ask Women Any Of These Dating Questions | Anastasia Date
She’s offended because you asked her the questions on this list.

Avoid The Offensive Dating Questions On This List

You’re probably curious about the questions that women absolutely hate being asked, so here’s a list to guide you on your next date:

“Why are you wearing too much makeup?”

Women love makeup, and you have to understand that they are not doing it to attract men. They are doing it for their own pleasure, so if a woman is wearing too much makeup, in your opinion, she couldn’t care less what you think. Commenting on what she loves will just ruin your chances of being with her.

“Are you one of those crazy girls?”

Men usually ask this question as a joke. It’s meant as a joke, but women don’t really take it as such. You’re telling the woman you’re dating that you’re categorizing girls as crazy and non-crazy. How can you say that girls are “crazy”? If you’re not prepared to explain what you mean by “crazy”, you should avoid asking.

“How are you still single?”

Yes, this question is meant as a compliment, but women you date probably already ask the question to the world and themselves pretty often. They know they’re total catches, but maybe they just chose to be single, or they have not found the right guy yet. Or, worse, guys have been ghosting, benching and breadcrumbing them, and that’s why they’re single.

Also, have you ever thought about when the date doesn’t work out? She’s going to think that you’re just like the rest of men she meets. Think about it, if she’s so great, why won’t you be in a relationship with her?

“Why do you __[insert job]__? You’re too pretty for the job.”

For example, “Why do you work as a teacher? You’re too pretty for the job.” First off, is there a problem with being a beautiful teacher? Is beauty getting in the way of her job? Probably not. Instead of asking this question, you should say: “Wow, you’re pretty and a teacher. You’re a catch.”

These dating questions may come as a surprise to men because these questions don’t sound offensive. However, believe us when we say that they are to women. For more dating and relationship tips, make sure to check out the rest of our blog posts. Don’t forget to visit AnastasiaDate to meet lovely women from Eastern Europe.