How Can This One Night Save Your Relationship

We all aim to improve ourselves. We exercise, we read books, we listen to self-help talks online and the like. Most of us take pride in making better versions of ourselves, and this is an excellent drive to have. We put so much effort into becoming the best person we can be, but do you agree that we don’t always put the same kind of effort into improving our connection with our significant other? If you want to save your relationship, keep reading.

How This One Night A Month Can Save Your Relationship | Anastasia Date

Save Your Relationship One Date Night At A Time

An interesting research done by the UK’s Marriage Foundation discovered that couples who enjoy a date night once a month are 14% less likely to break up. It’s interesting that a few hours of quality time together can save your relationship; it’s worth a try.

Because it’s just one night a month, it won’t take a lot of effort to plan. Here are tips on how you can get started with having regular date nights:

  • Schedule one day of the month. Let’s say you and your partner pick the 10th of every month to have a date night. Or, you can set it to every second Wednesday of the month. Setting a time will help you plan your schedule around your designated night to spend time with your honey.
  • Agree that date night should be non-negotiable. It’s easy for life to get in the way especially for working individuals. Instead of being lenient with the schedule, make sure that you and your partner agree that date night should be mandatory and done without excuses.
  • Don’t limit yourselves to dinner and cafe dates. There are so many other date ideas aside from eating or having drinks. You can get a massage together, you can go fishing if that’s what you’re into, or you can just stay home and have a movie night. The sky’s the limit when it comes to things you can do with the love of your life.

Having a monthly date night may not seem like a big deal, but consistently having one tells your partner that you’re investing time in your relationship. Save your relationship and see how much better it’s going to be when you go on date nights every month. For more dating and relationship tips, you can check out more posts from our blog. Don’t forget to visit AnastasiaDate too.