Flirty Words To Use When Online Dating Russian Girls

When you’re online dating Russian girls that you really like or who have caught your attention in a special way, it’s inevitable for you to start flirting when you’re communicating with them. But, here’s the problem; as time goes by, your witty and flirty lines could sound repetitive. How do you resolve this if you’re not very good at thinking outside the box?

Anastasia Date | Flirty Words To Use When Online Dating Russian Girls

How To Flirt With Words When Online Dating Russian Girls

When you read the title, the first flirting word that probably popped into your head is “sexy”. That is a flirting word, but that’s too old and cliche. There are dozens of other words that you can use for flirting. Try the following less common flirting words:


Enticing is a word that you wouldn’t usually use when you are online dating, but you have to admit that it sounds really sexy and it’ll leave a lasting impression. Example:

“You’re online dating profile is enticing. So I decided to introduce myself.”


Mysterious is a word that you can use when online dating Russian girls. In fact, it’s probably the most appropriate adjective to describe how a Russian woman’s eyes look like. Example:

“You have a mystery about you that I am willing to solve.”


Do you use the word “beautiful” when you’re online dating Russian girls? Change it to ravishing. It’s like you say to her she is very beautiful. It’s synonymous with gorgeous and stunning. Example:

“You look ravishing on your profile picture.”


As you know, fascinating is just another word for interesting. But, if you say both words and listen carefully, fascinating has a deeper meaning. Example:

“You are a fascinating woman.”


Last, but not the least, on our list, is the world alluring. This word is beyond sexy because the meaning entails a combination of mysterious, attraction and seduction. Example:

“It’s your alluring smile that drew me to you.”

You think you can use any of these words? The words may sound too much for now, but practice makes perfect. You don’t have to use the words exactly the same way too. You can change them up a bit according to your mood. For more dating tips, make sure to check out more of our posts on our blog.