Idealistic Dating Expectations You Need To Get Rid Of

When it comes to online dating, we usually get ahead of ourselves in imagining what our online date’s going to be like. Meeting the person we’ve been chatting with for days or weeks can be exciting so what usually happens is we imagine what they’re going to be like – what they’re going to wear, how they’re going to say things, how they’re going to react to what we say and so on. Most of these are harmless, but we may be getting too idealistic with some of our dating expectations.

Idealistic Dating Expectations You Need To Adjust | AnastasiaDate
She may not be as ethereal as you thought she was.

We Need To Ground These Unrealistic Dating Expectations

You don’t want to think of your date as some ethereal being. That’s just extra pressure for them. And, in doing so, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment because your date’s going to have flaws, just like you do. So, for you to separate the expectations you need to adjust from the expectations you need to keep, we’ve prepared a list:

Flawless Beauty

We are all guilty of applying one too many filters on our photos. Your date may not be as you see in her pictures on her online dating profile. She might have a wrinkle here, a pimple there, frizzy hair, and she may be shorter than you think.

Agreeing With Everything You Say

Just because you have a lot of things in common doesn’t mean that your date’s going to agree with everything you say when you finally meet. What you talked about online was just the tip of the iceberg. She’s going to have a lot of opinions on different things, and those opinions might not be the same as yours.

She’s Going To Have The Best Time

She said yes, she’ll go on a date with you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s going to have the best time with you. How great the date will be rests entirely on what you have planned, how your chemistry will be, and how well you’re going to engage her in conversation. If you screw all those up, she may not have a good time despite you hitting it off online.

She’s Automatically Going To Like You And Say Yes On Your Second Date

If your date has a blast during your initial meeting and says yes to a second one, she might like you. But, you need to see how the first date’s going to unwrap first.

Insinuating that she’s going to like you and say yes to a second date in advance might not be the best dating expectation to have, especially when the first date hasn’t happened yet.

The worst thing about having any one of the dating expectations on this list is we might end up disappointed ourselves, so the sooner you get rid of the bad expectations, the better. For more dating and relationship tips, make sure to check out more posts on our blog. Don’t forget to visit AnastasiaDate if you don’t have an online date yet.