How And Why Do We Become Flaw-Blinded In A Relationship

Many people fall in love easily. With the intensity of their feelings, they’re just concerned about how well everything seems to be going. In dating, this is called “flaw-blinded”. They cannot see warning signs because they are flaw-blinded. Even the warnings of family and friends are no longer listened to, which can spell out a disaster.

Flaw-Blinded | Anastasia Date

Problems Which Might Arise When You Beccome Flaw-Blinded

Being flaw-blinded can be difficult to downright dangerous. The raging dopamine levels do all kinds of things to the brain and body. And, one of them is clouding your judgment big time.

Nobody Is Perfect

When people fall in love, the object of their affection is like a god—perfect. But the sad fact is, nobody is perfect. And, they can’t realize it. It seems that everything that their beau does makes them swoon. When the glitter of the love fades away, that’s when people realize that their partner is just human. A lot of times, they are bound for a great disappointment because negative traits are noticed.

Falling For Insincere People

It’s easy to fall for insincere, cheating, and lying people. It seems that these kinds of people are blessed with the capacity of conning others into believing their lies. For men, they can sweet talk women into their lair and the poor victims do not know that there are many of them.


There are really people who are good with manipulation so they are able to control the other person’s emotions. However, when they get what they want, their true colors show. For example, a controlling narcissistic person can be so persuasive during a dating. But, when marriage happens, their domineering attitudes and behavior will come out. It is applicable for both men and women.

It is nice to fall in love. The feeling is so elating. But, we should always be on the lookout for warning signs. It is not saying that you should be a pessimist, but you can be wary when a person is too good. Also, listen to the good advice of the people around you who have loved you before this person came. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.