Getting Curved Happens To Everyone

Well, the negative dating trends are still coming in year after year. We might never eradicate these trends, but we must remember that we can always protect ourselves. The latest one from the grapevine is called “curving” or “getting curved”, and, honestly, it has happened to everyone.

Getting Curved Happens To Everyone | Anastasia Date

How To Deal With Getting Curved

You just got curved when you’ve been denied by your date. For example, you’ve been chatting with a really beautiful woman or a handsome man on a dating website. You sent this person a couple of messages, but he or she never replied. Getting curved can take on many forms, but, basically, it means that you have been rejected. Your advances or your outward expression of interest towards another person was shut down. Getting curved can’t feel great, but there are a few things you can do to cope with it:

So What Attitude

When you get curved, ask yourself, “So what?” Most people who have this kind of notion whenever they face rejection from potential dates. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea so fix your perspective and start fishing again.

Choose Carefully

It’s great to think that all the people you send messages to will reply. But, this isn’t always the case. To lessen your chances of getting curved, why not send messages to men or women who are more fit for you? Don’t just send messages to random people because they are attractive.

Work On  Yourself

This isn’t to say that the main reason why you’re being curved is that you are not good enough. It is the total opposite. Your greatness is within you, but you just have to let it out to other people can see it. Don’t keep it locked in. Work on yourself, build your confidence, and, maybe even meet new people.

Getting curved, as mentioned, is something that we all have gone through. We can’t necessarily call out the person that curved us. All we can do is move forward with our lives despite getting curved. Do you agree? For more tips, read our blog.