Do You Feel Like You’re In An Unfair Relationship? Here’s What To Do

Most of us love being in a relationship, but we cannot deny the fact that one partner, sometimes, grows to become more dominant than the other. This makes an unfair relationship. In most cases, it’s just a road bump. Things, however, needs to be more balanced which requires some adjustments on your side and your partner’s.

Do You Feel Like You're In An Unfair Relationship? Here's What To Do | Anastasia Date

Balancing An Unfair Relationship

There are plenty of partners that feel like they are in an unfair relationship. One could make most of the decisions, do all of the housework, bring in all of the bacon, and so on. It’s a common occurrence. But, there are ways for you or your partner to find a balance:

1. Assess And Reflect

There are a few exceptions to this, but, commonly, our circumstances are an effect of what we did not do or what we allowed to happen. For example, a husband may not be helping around the house because the wife hasn’t verbally asked for help. Think about why you are in your current situation and ask hard questions like why you are in a fix the first place.

2. Give Up Control

If the responsibility of making the major decisions in your relationship rests upon your shoulders, it’s possible that you may want to have things your own way. If this feels like too much of a burden to you, why not ask your partner to make decisions together?

3. Stop Counting

There are situations where sacrifice is needed. For example, in long-distance relationships. It’s not all the time that the couple can meet online for a chat or video call. One may be busy with work or with family stuff, while the other sacrifices. In this case, or cases similar to this, it’s best to be more understandable instead of counting what you have and what your partner hasn’t contributed to the relationship. Your union shouldn’t be based on a point system – one point for me because I am always present, no points for you for not giving enough time to me.

It’s going to be difficult to produce a kind of balance in your relationship where both parties feel like there is an equal contribution from both sides. However, if both you and your partner make the effort to do so, you will always find yourselves in a state of balance that will leave you happy. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.