What Makes Men Fun On Online Dating Sites?

Do you know how dating tips always suggest you should “be more fun” in order to catch and maintain the attention of women you meet on online dating sites? Well, the tips are absolutely right! You should be more fun, but what does fun mean? Should you crack jokes every three minutes?

Anastasia Date | What Makes Men Fun On Online Date Sites?

How To Be Fun On Online Dating Sites

Not knowing how to be fun online is the main problem men have. It’s easy to imagine a fun guy in the real world, but what about being fun on online date sites where the only means of communication are video, email, and chat? Don’t worry because we’ll tell you what a fun online guy is like:

1. A fun guy can laugh at himself.

Do you think fun guys online care about how they come off? Yes, but they don’t care a whole lot. If you’re worried about making mistakes when you chat or make a video call, you’re bound to make more mistakes as you act all nervous. Just let go of your worries and, simply, care less about mistakes you make. Don’t take yourself too seriously!

2. Don’t limit yourself to just telling jokes.

Jokes can be funny but if you haven’t mastered the art of telling them in a way that’s funny and entertaining, you have to do something else to show off your fun side. We’re saying that you shouldn’t limit yourself to telling jokes because being a fun person isn’t just about cracking a joke or two.

People can also tell that you’re a fun person by the way you tell stories. Use exaggeration, self-depreciating humor, and vocal variety when you talk to ladies on online date sites. It’s going to take a while for you to get a hang of it, but practice makes perfect.

Also, you should focus more on telling stories rather than giving answers to questions.

3. Break away from the way you think.

Lastly, remember that the goal is to be fun and not to seem fun. There’s a difference. In order for you to adapt a fun countenance, you should change the way you look at things and think about them. Your traditional way of thinking could be boring ladies on online date sites. It’s time for you to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Try new things, go on more adventures and live life to the fullest.

Whatever you do to come off as a fun guy on online dating sites, make sure to be yourself. Do the kind of fun that you would do yourself, too. For more dating tips, check out more of our posts on our blog.