You Must Have This In Common If You Want A Harmonious Relationship

We often ask ourselves about the things we should look for in someone we just started dating, or we keep wondering why our previous relationships failed so miserably. This is why it’s so important to know the key characteristics that should be shared by both partners to actually make a harmonious relationship.

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Which Common Traits Help Keep A Harmonious Relationship?

You are so happy that you both like Kubrick movies and rock music, you are stoked to hear that she also loves traveling and Thai cuisine, but do these things really matter when it comes to forming a happy relationship? According to experts, not really. In reality, experts have narrowed the traits that make a relationship work into 4 categories.

#1 Your outlook on life. In brief, our outlook on life describes how positive or negative we are towards life and how we deal with difficult situations. A person who has a negative outlook and tends to whine about everything soon becomes a burden to a partner who has a more positive attitude and view of things.

#2 How much of an introvert you are. Introversion and extroversion come in degrees. Two people are very rarely the same when it comes to how introverted they are. However, while it is OK to meet somewhere in the middle, and it can even be beneficial for both to take a leaf out of each other’s book, two people who are at opposite ends of the introversion spectrum would really struggle in a relationship together.

#3 Your goals in life. Ambition is a good thing, but if one of you wants to start a family ASAP and the other is hell-bent on living his lost university student life, it will probably not work out well for either of you. A relationship is like a ship you need to steer together in the wild waters of life, and a ship with two captains heading to different directions can never reach a destination that spells happiness for both.

#4 The way you deal with arguments. When two people have a very different approach to arguments, things can get very difficult indeed. If one of them is aggressive while the other always tends to fold back, it will be a relationship with a very bad dynamic. The same goes for the cases where neither one of the partners is willing to ever take the blame or make the first move to reconcile.

In a nutshell, it seems that even though enjoying the same kind of music, having the same tastes in food and wishing to travel to the same destinations may make your life with her better, there are far more important common characteristics to look for if you want to have some certainty that your relationship will be a happy one.

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