What You Need To Change To Fall Happily In Love

Whether we have a big history behind us or we have just started dating, there is one thing we all have in common: what we want is to fall happily in love. So much so, that very often when we see couples walking hand in hand and staring into each other’s eyes adoringly, we wonder how they did it and why it isn’t us in their place. In reality, to be able to find true love we need to first change some things.

For those looking to fall happily in love, there's a way to prepare the ground.

Do These Things Before You Fall Happily In Love

Probably the number one mistake we make when we fail to find love is that we seek for the reasons it’s not happening outside our own selves. Perhaps it is easier to blame it all on others, make generalizations or curse our bad luck, and even though luck does play its part (as in everything), there are things we can do to prepare the ground for a happy relationship.

First, you get rid of the excess baggage. What are the things weighing you down? Do you have fears you need to get over? Do you have some ambition that’s gnawing at you? Don’t think it’s irrelevant: you can only move on with your life if you become a more fulfilled person. Once you overcome your fears and other psychological burdens, you will be more confident and ready to fall in love and to be loved back.

Then, you let go of the past. We all have sad memories of relationships gone wrong. But they should be exactly that: memories. Trying to keep the ties with our past or trying to re-live it is wrong. Like a ship that wants to sail for other ports, the soul needs to lift its anchor from the past.

Thirdly, you learn your lessons. Cutting ties with the past does not mean you forget the lessons you learned. You should not see your past relationships as personal failures, but more like life lessons, ways to improve yourself. There is something to learn from every experience, so use that to make yourself stronger and more prepared to fall happily in love.

Step number four: love yourself. It’s an old cliché, but it’s also very true. Unless you love yourself, you can’t love anyone else. Accept your flaws and weaknesses and learn to live with them as you slowly work towards happiness.

Last, but not least, know what you want and need. Part of knowing who we are is knowing our desires and needs. The same goes for romantic partners. Don’t waste time and energy on people who are not what you want or need in your life. When you have a purpose and know what you are after, it’s harder to lose aim.

Part of growing up is realizing that we are not helpless and at the mercy of luck. For those among us seeking to fall happily in love, these are the things we can do to prepare ourselves, first and foremost, to be able to recognize and embrace the feeling when it comes to our lives.