The Weirdest Dating Trends Of 2019

It has been confirmed – it’s going to be a year filled with trends that every dater needs to watch out for. Some of the weirdest dating trends have actually already emerged, based on the prediction of some experts. If you know how to avoid these trends, then it’s going to be a good year for you. But, if not, then you might just get your heart broken.

The Weirdest Dating Trends Of 2019 | Anastasia Date

The Weirdest Dating Trends You Need To Avoid

No one wants to be the victim of strange-sounding dating trends. That’s why it’s so important to update yourself with what’s happening in the dating scene. Try to stir clear of the following:

1. Dracula-ing

Has anyone ever contacted you at night? Well, it’s not uncommon, especially if your potential dates are from another country. But, if you are dealing with a person who only texts or chats with you in the early hours of the morning, then this person is dracula-ing you. He or she may never want to meet you in real life.

2. Exagger-Date

Everyone has a bad date every now and then. However, it’s embarrassing to tell your friends or family that your date has failed. What you do is exagger-date, exaggerate a date in order to make it sound more successful than it really was.

3. i-Phony

Has someone ever promised to see you, but haven’t made plans yet? Well, this person is an i-phony. He or she always says that you two will meet, but has never really made concrete plans to make it happen.

4. Stalemate

A stalemate happens when you are in an undefined relationship. Nobody really wants to talk about what the relationship is (is it boyfriend-girlfriend? or just a casual fling). So, both of you are each others’ stalemate until you talk about what your status is.

It’s a bit difficult to date with the weirdest dating trends stuck in your head. However, it’s still beneficial to be in the now so you know exactly when to pursue someone and when to stop seeing a person who may potentially be toxic. For more online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.