What You Need To Know About Double Texting

You definitely need to understand what double texting is if you’re active in your dating life, whether online or offline. The main reason is that doing it could jeopardize your chance for a second date because it can make you seem too eager.

What You Need To Know About Double Texting | Anastasia Date

Double Texting Is A Definite No-No In Modern Dating

Today, all of us mostly communicate through text, call, chat, or video call. Everything is digital, and it’s easier. In terms of dating, it’s so easy to text your date every hour. However, is it a good idea? Take double texting as an example. It happens when you text one person twice before they send a reply.

Picture this out: you already went on your first date with someone you’re really interested in. Then, you send a follow up text to see how your date is doing. He or she hasn’t replied yet, then you decide to send another text. This may sound harmless, but it may not make a good impression on your date. Here are the reasons why:

  • Your date may just be waiting to respond to you. For example, he or she may have been at work while you texted, so your date may just be waiting for his or her break. You don’t want to seem impatient.
  • Please remember that there are people who do not appreciate being “bothered” during their personal time.
  • Double texting can make you seem desperate to find a match.

Instead of double texting, you should definitely just wait. If you already sent one text, just wait for your date to respond. The same goes with chat messages. If you already sent an intro chat like, “Hello, I’m Dave. I noticed that you like sports. Me too,” and there was no reply in 24 hours, then you should learn how to take a hint. If you know how to navigate through the world of modern dating, you will do fine. For more online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.