After A Promising First Date, This Is What You Must Do

After a promising first date with a lady that you are truly interested in, you have to do a follow-up to keep your momentum. Most men actually have a problem with this because how should you follow through? Do you text or call the next day? Do you leave a message?

After A Promising First Date, This Is What You Should Do | Anastasia Date

A Promising First Date Should Be Followed Up With Communication

Men often worry about the most trivial things after a promising first date. For example, the amount of time waiting time before texting. Most still think that this rule applies. The truth is, we live in a world where everything is instant. The more you wait to text, call or send a chat message, the more you’re allowing her to be distracted by others. So here’s how you do a strong follow-up:

1. Text immediately after the promising first date.

All those rules that say you have to wait are not applicable anymore. Don’t wait for a few days before you text her. Let’s say you’re already home. Text your date if she got home safely. The text will make her feel that you’re truly interested in her. She will appreciate the gesture.

2. Have a topic in mind.

Before you text, you should have a topic in mind just in case she wants to talk further. Talk about your date and how wonderful the experience was for you. If you kissed at the end of the night, tell her that the kiss was a special moment.

3. Never play games.

At this point, you should be straight with your date. Don’t play hard-to-get, or don’t act like you’ve had more interesting dates. In your mind, doing this may be a way to keep her interested. But, the truth is, you’re actually pushing her away.

Wasn’t this process simple? The whole thing just seems hard because men overcomplicate it. Just as a summary, remember to text right after your date, have something to talk about, and then don’t beat around the bush. For more reviews and tips, read other posts on the blog.