The Simple Ways To Tell If She’s Just Not That Into You

Life and our relationships would be infinitely easier – and probably dead boring – if we had our feelings written on our foreheads at all times. However, for better or for worse, this is not the way life goes. Understanding whether a person actually digs you or is just not that into you takes quite a lot of effort and practice.

She's not that into you if she's doing this.

This Is How A Girl Who’s Not That Into You Will Act

People may try to hide their true feelings in order to be polite and avoid hurting others, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing if we’re honest. Being able to decipher the true intentions and feelings of people of the opposite sex can save us a lot of precious time, energy, and possible hurt, though. This is what a lady who’s not really crazy about you will act around you.

She will be polite, but not keep up or strike up conversations with you.

If your chat feels more like you are interviewing her, that’s probably because she is too reluctant to share a lot with you. When she doesn’t care much about continuing a conversation or starting a new one, you can tell she isn’t into it much and is probably simply answering your questions to avoid seeming rude.

She will avoid physical contact.

When we are physically drawn to someone, we don’t waste the chance to touch them, even in the subtlest of ways. A simple touch on the shoulder, or a nudge, or even a high five could be signs she likes you. The absence of them, on the other hand, is a sign of the exact opposite.

She won’t make eye contact with you.

Can you take your eyes off of a person you like? Exactly. We don’t mean she should be staring at you and flirting like mad, but a look here and there, even a shy one, is telling of a person wanting to physically admire you. When there is no need for it, it is a sign she doesn’t care enough, and she may even be trying to hide her not being into you if she knows or suspects that you like her.

She will fake-smile.

Remember school photo day, where you had to force yourself to smile for the camera? If you recognize this kind of forced, fake smile on her instead of a real, genuine one – the “smizing” type described by Tyra Banks where both your mouth and your eyes are smiling – it’s a real sign she’s not particularly enjoying your company. Take it seriously.

She won’t make any plans with you.

You drop ideas and suggestions of things you can do together: a concert, a film you’d like to see, a small island getaway; even things you may not necessarily love but think she will. She avoids the conversation and changes the subject, or gives a vague response like “we’ll see”, or “yes, let’s do that someday”, but that day never comes. Take a hint, this girl’s not interested.

It’s not nice or pleasant realizing that your object of desire is not that into you, but it’s no use avoiding the truth either. If you figure out she is not romantically interested in you, you can still give your battle to try and win her over, but it’s important to know where you stand, to begin with.