Understanding The “Grass Is Greener” Relationship Syndrome

We are only human, and we can’t help the way we feel, sometimes. A good example is when we are in a relationship. We can sometimes feel that it might be better when we chose another person over the current partner we have. This is called the “Grass is greener” relationship syndrome.

What To Do If You’re Experiencing A Relationship Syndrome That Can End Everything

The “Grass is greener” syndrome isn’t just about wanting to be in a relationship with someone else. No matter what the state of your relationship is, there’s this unshakable feeling that something is better for you out there. It’s not that you regret being in a relationship with your partner. But, it’s more of the feeling of uncertainty.

Where Does This Relationship Syndrome Come From?

Contrary to what you may be thinking of right now, the relationship syndrome isn’t a result of one partner behaving badly. Even if the relationship is at its best, one person could still feel this way. This state of mind is a product of self-doubt. With all the social media posts tagged as relationship goals and life goals, it’s common for us to have this syndrome. We may even feel it with our careers.

How To Overcome This Rotting Mindset

The good news is that this mindset is fleeting. You will eventually go back to your normal way of thinking. However, if you find yourself consumed, there are a few ways you can combat it:

Unplug From Social Media

As mentioned, we mostly experience this feeling because we are prompted by social media posts that are truthfully unattainable. One way to get rid of this thinking is to unplug from social media. Uninstall your social media apps for a couple of days. Take a vacation to the mountains where there’s no internet, and then detox your thoughts.

Be Present In Your Relationship

You know that saying, “You won’t really appreciate what you have until you lose it?” Well, one of the reasons why you can’t appreciate the relationship you’re in is because you’re giving attention to other things. The best approach for you to take, aside from unplugging, is to be present. Consciously notice how wonderful your partner is. you can also do more nice things for your partner.

The “Grass is greener” relationship syndrome is easy to beat as long as you commit yourself to be present. For more tips about dating and strengthening relationships, read other posts on the blog.