Do You Have Texting Anxiety?

Many who are dating actively get chatting or texting anxiety but not everyone is familiar with it. It’s a feeling you get when you know that you are going to get a reply or an update, but you can’t because your phone is dead, you are stuck in a meeting, or you don’t have a very good signal for internet.

Do You Have Texting Anxiety? | Anastasia Date

Having Texting Anxiety Can Affect Your Relationship

Everyone gets texting anxiety. Although it’s a general term, it can also be used when you are waiting for an email, chat message or any kind of digital reply from someone. It’s something so small, but we must remember that we live in a world where we are always plugged in. The thought of not being in the loop can be very stressing unless you are the type that isn’t into social media. So, how is texting anxiety affecting our romantic relationships?

1. You cannot put your phone down.

All of your time is spent on your phone. Of course, you’d like to avoid texting anxiety so one way to do this would be to constantly check your phone or notifications. You’re always looking down, and it’s likely that your partner feels neglected.

2. You miss out on moments.

Do you know people who would rather capture the moments and post in on social media instead of experiencing the moments themselves? Well, you’re likely to miss a lot of great memories because you’re always on your phone.

3. Slowly, you are detaching yourself from your partner.

Since you do not have enough time for your partner, the connection that both of you have is slowly withering away. You may not even notice that something is wrong. You’re just in your little bubble, ignoring everything else around you, including the person that cares for you the most.

Deal With Your Texting Anxiety Today

Put your phone down from time to time and deal with your anxiety in a healthy way. Meditate, spend more time outdoors, or change your perspective. Remember that the world will not end just because you couldn’t reply to a few messages. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.