Secrets Your European Partner Won’t Tell You

If you think that your European partner you met on Anastasia Date will always tell you the truth about everything, think again. Despite being married and being as one, she still has a few things she feels it’s better to keep to herself.

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Secrets European Wives Keep & Anastasia Date Tips On Communication

It’s not what you’re thinking! Cheating, or having another man in her life is not part of this list. The items you’ll read are related more to what goes on within your relationship.

Preferences In The Bedroom

European wives couldn’t muster up the courage to tell their husbands that they fall short in the bedroom. They also have problems voicing out their preferences when it comes to physical intimacy out of fear of destroying their spouse’s confidence.

Communication Tip: Ask your wife if she feels excited when you’re together physically. Encouraging her to be honest about this aspect of your relationship will ensure that both of you are happy in and out of the bedroom.

Secret Bank Account

European wives may keep one or two secret bank accounts just in case the relationship doesn’t work. Well, your European wife may have other reasons like the bank account being a rainy day fund. But, most commonly, the primary goal is the former. According to experts, this may have been taught by your mother-in-law.

Communication Tip: You have to ask yourself why she feels the need to keep the bank account from you. Before doing this, keep an open mind, and be ready for her answers. This type of news may upset you, but remember that you need to be the one who balances the peace while having a discussion.

Career or Job Success

Not sharing her success in her job or career is because of the same reason why she won’t tell you you’re not performing in the bedroom. She’s worried that it might destroy your ego.

Communication Tip: If you hear anything from friends or family about your wife getting promoted, be happy for her. As a couple, you should be boosting each other up. You’re not in a relationship to race with each other career-wise.

Health Issues

If your wife has a cold, she’ll tell you about it. But, what she won’t say is when she’s having serious health problems. She doesn’t want you or the rest of the family to worry.

Communication Tip: Anastasia Date is always pro communication. Encourage her to talk to you about serious health issues so that something can be done earlier.

Do you spot a familiar pattern with the tips? Communication. It is the key to any successful relationship. Don’t worry too much that your European wife is keeping these secret from you. If you can talk heart-to-heart to resolve your issues, your relationship will emerge stronger despite the secrets that were kept. Check out more posts on our blog.