Signs You’re Emotionally Attached To Your New Online Date

If you’re the type who falls easily, you might already be emotionally attached to your new online date after only a few chats. You don’t want to have that emotional attachment early on, especially when the relationship hasn’t been defined yet.

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You’re Attached To Your New Online Date If You Spot These Signs

A healthy level of emotional attachment is normal. But, if you’re the kind of who falls in love too quickly, the kind of emotional attachment you experience could be intense and unhealthy. This is why it’s important to spot the signs at the beginning:

1. You’re also sad when your new online date is sad.

A big sign that you’re already attached is if you are in tune with the emotions of the person you are chatting with. Normally, we want to cheer people up when they’re down, but we don’t sympathize with them. Rather, we empathize. If you find yourself feeling just as down as the person you’re chatting with, take it as a signal.

2. Jealousy sets in.

Has your new online date told you about his or her close friend and found yourself feeling jealous? If your answer is yes, you already know what that means. The thought of other people making your online date happy just annoys you to bits.

3. You change everything in your schedule for them.

It’s good to sometimes move things around within your schedule so that you can communicate with your new online date. However, if you have canceled plenty of your appointments just to meet with the person online, you’re already emotionally invested.

What To Do When You Are Already Emotionally Attached

If you spot any or all of these three signs, you have to take a step back. You also have to get your life back. You don’t have to ignore your new online date to do this. You just need to focus more on yourself rather than spending all of your time chatting with your new date.

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