Want To Make Her Laugh? Here Are Ways To Do It

All men want to be funny. This is because a lot of women find humor very attractive. Alas, not every male species is born with a funny bone in their body. No matter how hard most men try, their jokes mostly end up flat or uninteresting. This can be really embarrassing, or, worse, this can be the cause for a man to get turned down from getting that second date. So how can you, the man, make her laugh to increase your attractiveness?

Want To Make Her Laugh? Here Are Ways To Do It | Anastasia Date

Here’s How You Can Make Her Laugh

Ok, we admit that making a woman laugh is a bit of a hard feat but with the tips below, you may be able to find your own groove and awaken your natural sense of humor:

1. Loosen Up

You probably aren’t funny because you’re too hard on yourself or you’re too strict. Not everything has to be perfect when you are talking to a woman or when you’re on a date. If you make mistakes, just shrug it off, or, better yet, laugh about it.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Make Fun Of Yourself

Do you have big ears? Don’t be insecure about it. Instead, what you can do is make some jokes about your imperfection to make your date see that your imperfections don’t bother you.

3. Simple Jokes Work

There are two things to this tip. First, you have to remember that your joke doesn’t have to be elaborate. Make it short, sweet and straight to the point. Second, don’t be scared to be corny. Sometimes corny jokes, when delivered the right way, can also make the mood more comfortable.

4. Set A Limit

You don’t want to be making fun of everybody inside the restaurant as your date continues. You also don’t want to be cracking jokes here and there all night. Set a limit for yourself with your jokes.

The most important tip that we can give you is to let loose. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, you sure won’t come off as a funny, attractive guy. Practice makes perfect too so don’t just crack jokes to make her laugh. Try your skill out with friends or family and see what their reactions are. For more tips on how you can improve your dating life, check out more of our blog.