Signs That Say Your Low Dating Expectations Got You Stuck In A Rut

We all have dating expectations or expectations about our future partner. We want this person to be kind, supportive, and loving. However, because we have this fear in us – a fear of being alone and unloved – we settle. We put up with things we normally wouldn’t under different circumstances.

Signs That Say Your Low Dating Expectations Got You Stuck In A Rut | Anastasia Date

Be Proactive About Managing Your Low Dating Expectations

Do you think you have low dating expectations? If you are stuck in a rut, then it is likely so. But, ultimately, you have to educate yourself with what the specific signs are so you can do the necessary adjustments on yourself and your perspective:

Text, Calls, Chats Are Unanswered

When you communicate with this person, your messages don’t seem to get replies. It might take days or even a week for the other person to respond to you. The truth is, you might not be a priority for this person. If it’s just a one time thing, then good, but if there’s a pattern, you should be reconsidering the person you’re seeing.

You’re Always The One Who Does The Effort

Aside from texts, chats, or calls, you always seem to be the one who makes the plans, initiates the conversation, and does all of the effort. It may seem unfair but you give the person you are dating a pass. You always make excuses for him or her which is never a good sign.

No Childhood Stories

On your first and second date, it may be okay to skip telling stories about childhood. But, you have to wonder why it’s not coming up on the fifteenth date, whether it is online or offline. Actually, it’s not about the topic but about letting one’s guard down to form a deeper connection with someone.

It’s Never Too Late To Fix Your Low Dating Expectations

We should never allow fear to cripple us. We need to trust our instincts and muster our strength to put our selves first, to love ourselves first. We must never succumb to the fear of being alone. Work on your confidence and self-worth. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.