These Are All Of The Newest Dating Terms You’ve Never Heard Of

We have gone through so many negative dating trends in our dating life this year. It’s possible that we may not have caught up with some of the newest dating terms. Unfortunately, with the evolution of the way we date and meet people, we cannot avoid these trends. All we can do is cope with them the best way we can.

Dating Terms You've Never Heard Of | Anastasia Date

Become More Familiar With The Newest Dating Terms Of Today

You may feel like you’ve already learned all of the newest dating terms in 2018, but you’re definitely mistaken. Here are a few terms you have probably never heard of before:

1. Vulturing

Vulturing happens when a person sees a relationship that’s in the brink of destruction (or death). The opportunistic person, like a vulture, swoops in, to take advantage of the situation.

2. Kitten-fishing

There’s catfishing and there’s kitten-fishing. Kitten-fishing happens when you aren’t photogenic enough to attract a date. So, what you do is use the power of makeup and several photo filters to make yourself look enhanced.

3. Fire-dooring

Fire-dooring is one of the newest dating terms that describes some of the relationships of today. Just like a firedoor, person A can’t get to or connect to person B. However, when person B is the one who needs someone, the door can be opened quickly to get to person A. It’s just like playing hard-to-get, but more hurtful.

4. Cohabidating

Cohabidating is a potentially dangerous situation to be in. This term is used to describe two people who are just starting to date, but have moved in to each others’ apartments.

Are you surprised? Well, expect to discover more dating terms and trends next year. Remember that the best way to avoid being a victim of these trends is to educate yourself on what each one means. From the meaning, you’ll be able to figure out how you can avoid them. For more online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.