What To Do When Faced With Awkward Silence

When you have finally met someone special, you don’t want to ruin your moments with awkward silence. Actually, this is a common problem with two people who just started dating – long, silent pauses in the middle of conversations. How do you deal with this?

What To Do When Faced With Awkward Silence | Anastasia Date

Easy Topics That Will Help You Avoid Awkward Silence

There’s an easy solution, don’t worry. All you have to do to avoid awkward silence within your conversations is to keep in mind topics that you can turn to when the silence is about to rear its head. Try the following simple topics that are not just easy to remember, but will also help you connect better with your date:

Places You’ve Lived Or Traveled To

If both of you are into traveling, then you will have a lot to talk about. If you are always on the move, then you can share your experiences with each other and have a titillating conversation. Maybe, you can even take each others’ advise and go to the places your date has already been to. You can even plan a trip together when things are going well.

Last Concert/Movie/Book

This topic is so easy to talk about because everyone has interests. It’s going to be a good topic so you know what your potential partner might be into. You don’t have to stick to a concert, movies, or books. You can divert from these and talk about your favorite anime.

Talk About Your Childhoods To Avoid Awkward Silence

Lastly, you can talk about how you grew up. For example, you can ask whoever you are with about where they grew up, or where they went to school. If you want to go a little deeper, you can ask about their fondest memory when they were younger.

Yes, it’s going to take a bit of practice for you to be good at talking about these topics. But, don’t worry because you will get to that point as long as you exert effort into improving the way you communicate. For more dating tips and updates, read other posts on the blog.