Share Name Day Greetings and Get Closer to European Traditions

AnastasiaDate, the popular international online dating portal, is known for making every effort possible on its site to bring their valued members closer to European singles. The site is encouraging members to send Name Day congratulation notes to their interests. This is taking place because of the initiative to spread awareness of various European traditions. For those unfamiliar with the practice, Name Days are celebrated in many European countries by close ones who honour their first name based on their Saint’s Feast day.

This tradition is also celebrated in several countries in Latin America. European traditionsCelebrating Name Day in some places is the equivalent of a birthday. The tradition began with a number of holidays dedicated to famous and loved Saints of the church. In some European countries, this day is an even bigger celebration than a person’s birthday.

AnastasiaDate brings together singles from around the globe, making it the perfect platform where to learn about and celebrate various cultures. This particular idea, to celebrate Name Day, comes from the portal’s desire to help bring their members closer to European singles. Knowledge about and respect towards someone’s culture improves the chances of finding compatible partnership online. It helps to leave a lasting impression on a potential match.

Name Days are celebrated on a major scale in countries such as Slovakia, Croatia, and Czech Republic. The tradition is more popular with Catholic and Orthodox countries where the Church has made efforts to have it celebrated over birthdays since the latter used to be associated with a Pagan tradition.

AnastasiaDate finds sharing information about different cultures very important and therefore members receive information about them on a regular basis. Using this information has proven to bring success with online dating.

Members can make use of the valuable dating services and features offered by AnastasiaDate to communicate with European singles on these important occasions. Correspondence is the most popular way to get connected on Another great service people can make use of in celebration of Name Day is the Virtual Gifts service.

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