Avoiding Scams on AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDateIt doesn’t matter how good you are in the field of technology or how strict security measures on a dating site are, there will always be scammers that manage to fly under the radar. That is not the fault of the dating portal. It happens in every area of business. People who are focused on scamming just are incredibly good at it. However, there are some steps you can take to try stay a step ahead of scammers. This article details a number of pointers that you can use to stay protected on the AnastasiaDate online dating portal.

1. First Impression

If you see the profile picture of someone you would like to talk to, go on their page and have a look at their profile. See what kind of an impression it leaves you. Trust your gut when you are reading about her description, her hobbies and what kind of a guy she is looking for. Check the site from top to bottom and see if you can find inconsistencies. When you think all is okay with the profile, move on to step no. 2.

2. Check for “Confirmed Profile”

That is one of AnastasiaDate’s security measures – the stamp that states “Confirmed Profile”. This popular online dating site puts it on the profile right after they have scanned over the ID of the woman. It doesn’t end with just that. AnastasiaDate also makes sure they confirm the details of the ID. Women must do an initial video interview after which telephone checks are made to confirm that the information is accurate.

3. Warning Signs

If you happen to be new to online dating, then you need to familiarize yourself with the warning signs that scammers exhibit. The number one warning sign in online dating is someone asking you for money. This asking is usually accompanied by a sob story. The next warning sign is when someone says the three big words very soon. “I love you” shouldn’t be said after a couple of weeks of online dating. Another huge warning sign is content that is copied. It doesn’t hurt to occasionally check if the person you are talking to is on other online dating sites saying the same thing to other guys.

4. Protect Personal Information

If your online interest has passed the first three steps, the next step is number 4. If you have gotten to this stage then you are most likely talking on a more regular basis. Notice if she is too focused on your personal information. If she asks too many personal questions and seems adamant about this then be careful. Of course, never give out your credit card information and so on.

5. Video Conference

A great way to set your mind at ease is to check the woman’s identity live through video. That is why the AnastasiaDate’s CamShare feature is so useful. You can confirm if the woman really is who she says she is by having regular video chats with her. It works for making sure of your safety and you can stay in touch in a more meaningful way.

6. Confirming Her Intentions Before Meeting Up

This is the last step and is equally as important as the first five. By now you have most likely been in contact with the woman many times. The desire to meet in person is creeping up. Before you make any serious plans, you need to confirm what her intentions are. Make sure that there are no misunderstandings and that you both are committed to getting together face to face.

Good Luck and Stay Safe

Dating on AnastasiaDate.com is very rewarding if you are aware of how to protect yourself. When in doubt, review these six steps and remember that there is an anti-scam team on the portal if you need to report anything. Keep safe and have a great time online dating.

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