Meeting Via AnastasiaDate’s Live Chat and CamShare Features

Let’s say you want to get in touch or stay in touch with a special someone from Europe but you happen to be a million miles away. How can you solve this issue? The answer is through the AnastasiaDate’s Live Chat and CamShare features. Members regard these services as the next best thing to meeting their love interest in person.

AnastasiaDate lady Anastasia 2 from RussiaThe biggest problem with long distance relationships is the lack of physical presence. Even if you plan to meet, it will take time before you are able to. You need to get past several obstacles like planning the trip, getting a visa, saving money for plane tickets, accommodation and food money.

If you are the patient type then these aren’t obstacles to you but the longing will be, provided that you felt a spark with your online date when you first met. You may be wondering if there is a way to get past all the longing. The answer to that is using the best online dating services: Live Chat and CamShare.

AnastasiaDate’s Best Communication Features

The Live Chat Feature

You can use Live Chat to talk to someone in real time. The difference with having an actual conversation is that you do not use your voice. What you do is type sentences into your computer and receive them the same way from your partner. It is a great improvement of messaging. No longer do you have to wait after snail mail or e-mail.

The CamShare Feature

AnastasiaDate’s feature named CamShare is a lot like Live Chat only you get to use video too. There is amazing video quality for passing on your messages and spending time with your online date. With this amazing feature it will be difficult to get your eyes off the screen.

How to Use These Great Services

AnastasiaDate’s Live Chat

What you need to do is log in to your AnastasiaDate account, then go to Search and look through the women’s profiles. When you find someone you want to talk to, click on the green message button found on the woman’s site. That will open the chat window and you can start sending messages. There is nothing more you need to do.

Using Live Chat for Online Dates

There is more to Live Chat than you think. There are 2 great additional features that make online dating even more fun for you. You can use Live Video and Live Games. The Live Video allows you to see the person while Live Games allow you to interact through several entertaining games. Live chatting, using one-way video and playing online games on AnastasiaDate allows you to have a much better online dating experience than anywhere else.

AnastasiaDate’s CamShare

Using this feature is just as simple as using Live Chat. The process is the same: search for ladies that catch your attention. This feature is available with the women if their profile picture is marked with “Video”. That means they have a webcam installed. Click on the picture and a window will pop up. Allow AnastasiaDate to connect with your webcam and start communicating.

Using CamShare for Online Dates

As we mentioned before, CamShare is a lot like Live Chat but the added bonus is the video being two-way, large-sized and of higher quality. This feature will create the feeling that you and the European lady you are talking to are together in the same room. The connection is seamless and much more meaningful since you can see each others’ expressions and hear each others’ voice. CamShare can also let you know if the initial spark you felt with talking to the woman is still there.

Join AnastasiaDate today, meet stunning European women and connect with them using high-quality services like Live Chat and Camshare.

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