How to Protect Yourself on AnastasiaDate

Despite the lengths online dating websites go to, there are always a couple of savy scammers that manage to get through the barriers and cause trouble. That cannot always be blamed on the dating website, because unfortunately these folks are professionals. It is likely that they have been doing this for ages and have gained a lot of experience. That is precisely the reason that people using online dating sites need to know what they can do to best protect themselves. Members always need to stay a step ahead and AnastasiaDate is here to help you increase your online safety with the following tips:

1. First Look

AnastasiaDateWhen you have spotted someone you may like, click on her profile and scan it through. Pay attention to the first impression you get. When reading through her interests, what she is looking for and most importantly her description of herself, listen to what your guts tell you. Also check the information for any possible inconsistencies. If everything seems to check out then move on to phase two.

2. The “Confirmed Profile” Stamp

The “Confirmed Profile” stamp is a great useful security feature on AnastasiaDate. The popular online dating website marks profiles that they have verified. The verification consists of scanning the lady’s passport or ID card, a video interview and then further regular phone calls to make sure their identity is confirmed.

3. Warning Signs

If you happen to be new in the online dating world, then you need to learn all about the most typical warning signs that show you are dealing with a scammer. The most obvious one is of course when someone asks you for money. The second is saying “I love you” too soon. The third common warning sign in online dating is when someone seems to use copied and pasted text. These kinds of messages appear on other dating sites as well.
There are more warning signs, so we recommend doing a Google search to see what else is out there.

4. Protecting Personal Data

Step number 4 is about protecting your personal information and is for when you are already corresponding with someone. If the lady you are chatting to is asking for personal information like your address, any passwords, which exact places you love to hang out then you need to be careful. Never give out personal information to anyone. Especially when you haven’t met in person.

5. Making Use of the Video Conference

Probably the best way to be sure that the person you are talking to is in fact who they say they are and looks like their profile picture, is to use the video conference feature. AnastasiaDate calls it CamShare. You can use CamShare to not only verify the identity of the individual but to check if sparks fly between you two. Also it is a great way to keep in tough.

6. Confirming Intentions Prior to Meeting Up

Last but not least – making sure her intentions are good before you meet. When you get to this point you have most likely corresponded with the woman many times. The idea of meeting up is surely irresistible. Before getting to it though, you need to know what her intentions are. Clear up any potential misunderstandings and also check in with yourself – what do you want out of this relationship?

Stay Protected

Online dating safety is a hugely important topic. When you are setting out to start with your journey towards finding love online, refer back to this article and follow the six steps provided here. Being safe will give you a great online dating experience.

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