LDR Stages Every Couple Goes Through

Even before you go into a long-distance relationship (LDR) with someone special, you have to understand what it requires. For example, it’s going to take up a lot of your time, especially if the person you’re dating is in another time zone. Is this okay with you? You should also know that there are different LDR stages couples go through.

LDR Stages Every Couple Goes Through

Every Long-Distance Couple Goes Through Ten LDR Stages

In regular relationships, couples also go through phases, but LDR stages are very different. It has seven steps that every long-distance couple knows all too well:

1. Dread

We always fear taking the next new step in our life. In this case, we might be doubtful to date someone from far away. Or, we feel dread because our loved one is moving away from us.

2. Hope

After experiencing the feeling of dread, you will be able to feel hope. You’ll feel like you have to prove others wrong, you have to make it in your relationship.

3. Worry

Worry comes in when your significant other is already comfortable with their new living arrangement in another country. You worry about what he or she will do because this is your first time apart. In the case of online dating, you’re worried that your partner might be up to something else other than dating you online.

4. Trust

After the stress you experience from worrying about your partner, trust will come. It’s likely that you may have already established ground rules when it comes to communicating with each other. You may have also talked about your limits as a couple.

5. Habit

Because expectations have already been established, you have likely formed your habits at this point. You repeatedly meet your partner online at specific times of the day. Or, you could be chatting during a specific hour of the day since you already know each other’s break time.

6. Uncertainty

As you grow comfortable with each other, the honeymoon feel slowly fades away. You see each other’s darker side. You might be asking yourself whether you can handle this “new” side of your partner or not.

7. The Cross Roads

Finally, you will reach the crossroads. You can either stay together or you can go your separate ways.

By the end of the LDR stages, you will either be stronger or you will be single again. It will depend on how you have handled things. This sounds a bit bleak, but if you make all the right moves, you will make it until the end. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.