Which Type Of Couple Are You?

You and your beautiful partner may be one of the four types of couples in a recent study. The research aims to identify the type of couple that’s moving towards, as well as away from, marriage. So which couple are you?

Which Type Of Couple Do You Think You And Your Partner Are? | Anastasia Date

Are You The Type Of Couple That’s Going To End Up Happy?

Researchers studied 376 dating couples in their mid-20s. Over nine months, the couples tracked how dedicated or committed they were about marrying their significant other. During the mentioned period, they were asked why their commitment level went up or went down. Based on their answers, here are the results:

Dramatic Couple

This type of couple was twice likely to break up as any other. They based their decision on negative circumstances, as well as negative thoughts, that plagued their relationship. Each thought and circumstance weighed their level of commitment down.


This type of couple is called the partner-focused. The profile for this type says that it has the highest chance of staying together and remaining happy. They were found to be careful with their relationship choices. They always considered the other person’s thoughts and feelings. This type of people was involved which made them dependent (not in an unhealthy way) in each other’s presence. Their commitment level was found to be deep.


This type of couple’s commitment goes way down whenever they have an argument. They may not necessarily break up because their passion for each other pulls them back together. However, this kind of set up may not be sustainable in the long run.

Socially Involved Couples

The last type is called socially involved because this couple is in a network of other couples. In other words, they are among friends and they rely on those friends to make decisions for them. This type of couple was reported to have the same level of commitment and stability as partner-focused ones.

If you are the bad type of couple, then don’t worry. Identify areas that need improvement then focus on improving those areas so you can become a couple that can make it for the long haul. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.