Avoid Dating These Types Of People

Definitely, when we are online dating, we have a specific type (a beautiful lady with blonde hair, for example). Not everyone will be our cup of tea, and that is alright since we all have our preferences. However, despite the preferences we have, there are specific types of people that we should never date.

Avoid Dating These Types Of People | Anastasia Date

Dating These Types Of People Will Result In A Challenging Relationship

When you are the optimistic or hopeless romantic type of person, you will probably say that it’s possible to change the bad characteristics of a person with love, time, and effort. This is true, of course, but it’s a feat that’s not going to be a walk in the park. From the get-go, if you want a relationship that’s manageable and easy going in spite of the minor arguments, then you should avoid dating these types of people:

Emotional Dumpers

Emotional dumpers are the type of people that want you to listen. They actually want you to become a sponge for all the emotions that they want to pour out. This type of person is hard to date because you will feel like your energy is getting sucked out whenever your date dumps all emotions on you.


Recorders are the worst! Whenever you make a mistake, you can be sure that a recorder will keep a note of it, mentally. The next time you make another mistake in the relationship, the person will keep a record of it, then bring your past mistake up.


Manipulators are probably worse than record keepers. They want the situation to sway in their favor. They manipulate you so you will think that you are the one at fault when it is actually them.

Bad Communicators

As the name suggests, a bad communicator will shut down in your relationship. There won’t be much talking especially when it comes to conflict resolution. Most likely, issues will be swept under a rug until they have been completely forgotten.

These types of people will give you more headaches that you can count. If you date either one of the types, there’s also a good chance that the relationship will just end in heartbreak. For more online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.