If You Do These Things, You Are The Problem In Your Relationship

There is no nice way of putting this. When things turn sour in our relationships, we tend to try to find the culprit and, more often than not, lay the blame on our partner. However, there are some signs to look for that might indicate that the problem in your relationship may, in fact, be you.

The problem in your relationship may, indeed, be you.
Maybe it’s time you stopped looking elsewhere for the problem in your relationship and took a look in the mirror.

Look No Further: The Problem In Your Relationship Could Be You

If you recognize yourself in one or more of the following situations, it may be a good time to stop blaming your partner and start shouldering the responsibility for the troubles in your relationship.

You are hearing, but not listening. Many of the problems experienced in relationships stem from a lack of proper communication between the partners. If you are physically present in your conversations but your mind is elsewhere, or if you’re just waiting for your turn to speak without paying much attention to what she is saying, you really aren’t helping things much.

You aren’t happy with your own self. People who can’t accept and love their own selves are in reality unable to love and support others. Unless you make it your business to work on the things you are dissatisfied with about yourself, you will never be able to form a balanced, functional relationship.

You let your partner do all the hard work. Relationships are about compromise; they are about sharing responsibilities, sharing the burden of problems and being willing to make sacrifices every now and then. Because relationships are such hard work, you should be able to work on yours together with your partner, and not let her do all the hard work. From booking holidays to keeping the flame alive, share the responsibility and the fun together.

You are too needy or too strict. Suffocating your partner is no fun. And we are in relationships primarily to have fun and be happy. Lighten up a little and let your partner breathe. We all need reassurance and our insecurities soothed, but if you put too much pressure on your partner, you are sure to lose her.

You haven’t made your relationship your top priority. There is no way to stress this enough. Your relationship should always be your priority. You may be successful at what you do and you may want to have a lively social life, but nothing should come before your personal life. Unless you aren’t willing to give your relationship your all, what’s the point in having it, after all? Make time for your partner; don’t let life pass before your eyes and happiness slip through your fingers. No one and nothing is worth it.

We’re not ones to point fingers, but a little reality check is never a bad idea. Taking some responsibility for being the main problem in your relationship may, in fact, save it as long as you are willing to change your ways.

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