These Are The Most Common Reasons For Infidelity

Cheating is so common these days that we are all in a state of constant worry that it might happen to us. No matter how happy and content a person may be in a relationship, we see and hear so much about couples we thought were rock-solid that the mere thought it may happen to us gives us the chills. But why does it happen? Why do people break each other’s trust and their relationships and families? A study reveals the most common reasons for infidelity.

An Australian University study aims to shed light on the reasons for infidelity.
Why do people cheat? A study attempts to shed light on the matter.

What Are The Prevalent Reasons For Infidelity?

A study conducted by the University of Queensland, Australia on a sample of 119 adults (43 men and 76 women) attempts to shed light on the mystery by asking about the reasons behind infidelity. Read on.

Lack Of Satisfaction And Emotional Detachment

While more of us assume that long-term relationships or relationships where people have made formal commitments are more likely to suffer from infidelity, the reality is that people tend to cheat when they are not satisfied in their relationship, irrespectively of its length. A person who feels detached from their partner is also cited as highly likely to cheat on them.  What has been found to be affected by the duration of a relationship, however, is the fantasies about cheating that couples have, with the general rule being that the longer the relationship, the more common the phenomenon.

Gender Differences And Diverse Notions About Infidelity

The study showed that even though men are, as generally predicted, more likely to engage in full-on affairs outside their marriage, women are equally likely to kiss another person. This difference in attitudes may surprise, as woman are generally stricter at what constitutes infidelity, but it could be explained by the fact women are generally less impulsive than men.

Personality And Number Of Past Partners

Another factor pushing people to cheat seems to be their personality type. It was found that people acting on impulse rather than logic are more prone to cheating as they have low self-control. Moreover, those who have had more partners in the past are also more likely to be disloyal in a relationship.

Whatever the reasons behind cheating, the truth is that it can be an immensely painful situation to be in and should best be avoided. There is certainly going to be more research on the reasons for infidelity in future.

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