How To Win Over Your Date With The Correct Use Of Body Language

Imagine entering a room where there are only people who are complete strangers to you. How do you decide who to approach and talk to? Without realizing it, the decision is made largely based on subconsciously analyzing their body language.

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Having The Right Body Language On A Date

The correct body language needs to communicate 3 basic things: being open, being confident and being interested.  The first one is important because it will make her warm up to you and open up much quicker. The second is vital because confidence is one of the most desirable traits in a man, and the third is an absolutely necessary message for women, as it is the one thing that clearly shows you care. Let’s see how to communicate each of these individually.

Being Open

As is the case with animals, keeping your neck exposed is a sign of trust. It’s a part of the body that’s considered vulnerable, so make sure you don’t have your shirt buttoned all the way up, or that you are not wearing a scarf or a tight tie on your date.

One of the most hostile body postures is keeping our arms closed. The message you inadvertently communicate this way is that you are defensive and want to protect your chest and, therefore, your heart from her. It is definitely a pose that says “stay away”, so keep your arms away from your chest at all times.

Being Confident

As we said before, folding your arms is not a good idea. But often we just don’t know what to do with our hands. Remember to keep them open, but don’t just let them hang awkwardly at your sides. Instead, try to naturally gesture with your hands as you talk. Expressive people make others feel more comfortable, and gesturing also minimizes our “uhhhs” and “ermms”.

Another way to show confidence through your body language is by being the one who initiates physical contact with your date. Ladies find it flattering when you move towards them. Step towards her slowly and keep a smile on your face, so that your approach is friendly rather than threatening.

Being Interested

The most direct way to show you are interested in her is to maintain eye contact at all times. Checking your phone, looking at what’s around you or looking down on your shoes show that you are either bored or indifferent to what she is saying. Unless you really are one of these things, you surely don’t want her to think that.

Another thing that shows how absorbed you are in what she is saying is to keep your whole body turned towards her. Make sure your feet are pointed towards her and that your torso is not turned away at all. This instinctively gives the impression of a person who gives their undivided attention to his date.

It is understandable that all this might be a little confusing at first, and some effort may need to be made on your part, but once you have followed this advice one or two times, you will get the hang of it and it will all just come naturally from then on.

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