Why There’s No Second First Impression

Have you ever met someone you felt a strong dislike for without knowing why when not even a word has come out of their mouth? Has a stranger ever come up to talk to you at a bar just because they liked you? If so, then you know that first impressions are part of our everyday lives. From a job interview to dating, sometimes all it takes are a few seconds to decide if we like someone or not. And more often than not, we don’t give people a second chance after a bad first impression.

In online dating, you get more than one chance to make a first impression
First impressions are quick to make and very hard to change.

First Impressions Are Hard To Turn Around

The strange thing about first impressions is that even though they take just a matter of seconds to form, they last a really long time. Due to something psychologists call “the primacy effect,” we all tend to lend more weight to what we learn at first about someone, than the information we learn about them later. Simply put, the first impression we make forms a type of lens through which people we first meet see us. From then on, they always see us through this lens, looking for the confirmation of their first opinion of us, while grossly ignoring the things that contradict this opinion.

What Does All This Mean Regarding Dating?

All the above is absolutely applicable when it comes to dating too. You might be surprised to hear that first impressions are even more crucial in online dating. That’s because online dating consists of a”gradual” first impression. The impression you will make when you first talk to your prospective girlfriend, the first time you see each other online, the first time you meet in the flesh are all opportunities to win her over by making the best first impression (or lose her if you don’t).

The Elements Of A Good First Impression

The basic elements about yourself you want to communicate when you first come into contact with someone you’re interested in are: a sense of openness, a kind heart, an interesting personality and a sense of security. All these are elements that draw people to us and make them want to know us better.

So, when you meet your chosen lady, make sure you are ready to communicate these things from the very first moment. If a date starts off on the wrong foot, it can be quite hard to turn around.

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