Online Dating Safety: How To Detect a Catfish

Online dating has gotten much safer in the past decade, but some issues still arise. Not only are money scams a concern but nowadays there is a new way of scamming called “catfishing.” The reason why it has such a name likely has to do with how they are bottom-dwelling – they sink rather than float. The thought is they bring down everything around them. Online catfish are under a false persona and do what they can to exploit others. They often focus on money, but catfish are also known to manipulate with feelings. It’s time you learn all about that and put your online dating safety first.

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Learn All You Need To Know About Online Dating Safety

People underestimate catfishing because they think money scams cause a bigger problem for a person. If you think about it, a broken heart is no better than an empty bank account. So we are going to take a look at what are the biggest warning signs in online dating. How to tell if you are dealing with a scammer?

1. Check Their Identity

Check if the person is who they say they are. All high-quality online dating portals have a verification method in place but at times a scammer may still manage to get through security. Ask the person you are interested in talking to for a video chat. If they keep coming up with excuses then perhaps they are trying to hide their real identity. It is best to move on from such a person.

2. Google Search

Google has saved a lot of people from online dating problems. Catfish usually take other people’s information and pictures and build a profile with them. Google any information they give you – their name, email, and so on. Also, make use of Google Image Search. Drag any photo they give you into the search box and see what comes up. If they pretend to be someone else, they need to be reported to the online dating portal you are using.

3. Staying On the Site

If someone constantly suggests that you communicate off the site, then you should watch out. Online dating portals are there to protect you the best way they can. When someone is trying to get off the site, they may be looking to avoid getting caught by the site’s anti-scam team.

4. Ask Questions

And plenty of them. After some time, ask the same questions again and check if the answers are the same. It is very difficult to keep several lies going for a long period of time. If someone is indeed trying to scam you, sooner or later they make a mistake.

Staying Safety Oriented

Online dating safety should be your number one priority when you are looking for love online. Remember the tips provided in this article, use them and enjoy a much safer online dating experience.