How to Create a Real Life Date Setting in Online Dating

People who have never tried online dating before can’t imagine how the romance factor fits into the whole equation, or if there’s even a romance element, to begin with. The truth is you can create a real life date setting in online dating that can be as romantic as an offline date. It may be hard to imagine what a real life date setting in online dating will look like, but it can be done.

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Setting the Romantic Mood Like You Are On A Real Life Date

It’s not just people who have never online dated before that have trouble imagining where the romance in every online date fits in. Individuals who have been online dating for years have trouble with the “romance factor” too. Well, it can be done using these two words: creativity and effort. You’re going to need creativity to whip up ideas for a romantic date setting online, and effort will be required to make it all happen.

To get the ball rolling, here are a few ideas that will make every online date something out of a romantic comedy movie:

1. Candle Light Dinner via Video

Distance is not an obstacle to having a romantic dinner with the person you’re dating online. Tell your significant other that she needs to prepare dinner and a candle. You’ll also do the same thing. Once the both of you are ready, do an online chat with the candles lit and the light slightly dimmed. Then, have dinner together like in a restaurant.

2. Star Gaze Online

To go star gazing, you’re going to need an app version of your dating site. Using a smartphone will allow you to switch between front cam and back cam easily. You’ll also need a blanket and your earphones. Set your blanket outside, connect your earphones to your phone and then live chat online, while you lie on your blanket facing the stars.

Isn’t this a romantic date setting online, or what? If you want your date to see the stars you’re seeing, switch to the back cam and when your date wants to talk to you, simply switch to the front cam.

3. Romantic Movie Date Online

Who says you can’t Netflix and chill while online dating? It could be like a romantic real life date setting in online dating if you both watch a romantic movie like the Notebook, Dear John, and the Titanic online through video sites like Netflix.

So based on the ideas, a creating a romantic real life date setting in online dating is definitely possible. Use your imagination! Whether you are a long time online dater or a first-timer, remember that online dating can be as romantic as you want it to be. For other dating tips on online dating, check out more of our blog.