Why Are European Women Attracted

To Simple Men?

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If you see attractive European women with simple-looking gentlemen, what’s the first thing you think about the couple? Although what’s inside is important, we can’t hide the fact that physical attractiveness is one of the top characteristics we want in a partner. So, it’s likely that you’re thinking of nothing positive about the couple because it just seems so unnatural for such a pair to be together. And, you’re right according to science.

What Science Says About European Women And The Men They Are With

There’s this phenomenon called “assortative mating.” It happens when a person gravitates towards another person who is of the same physical attractiveness, religion,  and socioeconomic status. It has been discovered and studied since 1903, and what scientists found out was that couples had a similarity in height and arm length.

You might be wondering why assortative mating is even in this article as it just proves that European women and simple-looking gentlemen just don’t mix. Hold on, because there’s also another fascinating discovery that psychologists published in the Journal Psychological Science.

The Discovery Of The Friend Factor

167 couples were asked how long they’ve been friends before they were together. Another team rated the attractiveness levels of each of the couples. Psychologists from the University of Texas at Austin and Northwestern University found that the couples who have been friends for a good amount of time were at different attractiveness levels.

The Friend Factor is an interesting piece of information because the more you know about a person, the more likely that you won’t mind if the individual is less attractive. It sounds cliche, but inner beauty wins this round.

Even science says that a beautiful face and body are not matches for a beautiful soul and mind. What’s great is that you can apply this when online dating too.

Tips For Mixed Attractiveness

It’s unfortunate that even though you know this science fact, there’s still people who will judge you and think badly of your relationship. Just remember:

  • Concentrate on your relationship and not your insecurities.
  • Be open to your partner about how you feel.
  • Try to overcome your insecurity by focusing on your strengths.

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