What Does Your Dating History Say About You

When you review your entire dating life or dating history, what do you think the conclusion would be? Of course, you may have done things that you were not proud of, but there are also items on your track record that can make you appear like a viable partner to consider.

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The Pros and Cons Of Your Dating History

Definitely, your track record or your dating history will reflect the kind of relationship you want. It is also going to attract that kind of partner that you are currently looking for. For example, these are the common dating histories that people have:

The Monogamist

Just from the name, you will know that the monogamist is the type who sticks to only one partner at a time. He or she likes to be in long-term relationships. However, it doesn’t seem to work out or maybe he or she hasn’t found the one yet. This type of dater can be faithful, but can still have traits that can still be improved or worked on. If this is your dating history, then those looking for a serious relationship will be attracted to you, but you are afraid of being alone.

The Player

The player is the type of dater who always gets lucky. This person’s dating life is well decorated with first dates, flings, and summer romances that, of course, don’t last long. If you’re into casual dating, or just playing around, then this is most likely going to be your dating history. The player is great when you just want the physical aspect of the relationship. Most likely a player is going to be good looking but he or she will have trouble settling down.

The Late Bloomer

The late bloomer is someone you never would have expected to date much. You might have been shy in high school or college, and no one would’ve ever seen you under a romantic light. But, now, however, things are different. If you take your time while dating then you may be a late bloomer.

What’s Your Dating History?

Which type of dating history do you have? If yours wasn’t mentioned on the list, that’s okay because there are other types of histories. If yours isn’t aligned to the kind of relationship that you want, then it’s time that you realign everything. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.