Having A Side Guy Or A Side Girl: Where Will It Take Us?

In today’s quick-paced dating it seems absolutely normal, even expected, to be dating multiple people – at least in the early stages of a relationship. This is how the habit of keeping a side buddy, a side girl in our case, has been gaining ground over the past few years.

Does having a side girl serve a real purpose today?
Does having a side girl serve a purpose in your dating life today?

What’s A Side Girl?

As the name itself suggests, a side girl is a girl you keep on the side. It’s usually a girl you are physically attracted to but have not really moved things on with for either (or both) of the following reasons: one, you may not want to spoil your existing friendship, or two, you are not sure you are into each other enough to form a romantic relationship. Or, she is already taken.

What’s The Use Of A Side Girl?

A side girl is usually a person who’s been in your life long enough to know a lot about your dating history, and for you to know a lot about hers. Mainly, the negative details of her love life. If she is in a bad relationship, you sometimes wish she gets over with it so you can possibly make a move.

She also knows a lot about you. She is the person you turn to for female advice and maybe even comfort when things go awry (but always make sure to save some face because you don’t want to put her off either).

In other words, if you imagine your love life as an acrobatic stunt, she is the emotional safety net. If you fall, you’d much rather fall into her safe and warm embrace.

The Trouble With Side Girls

While it might sound like an ideal situation, having a side girl can actually prove to be dangerous. For one, you may be missing out on the chance to form a meaningful relationship by relegating her like this. Secondly, this bit-on-the-side situation may actually harm your existing relationships by being too distracting. How can you give a relationship your all when you have another girl on the back of your mind?

Even though we live in a free world and dating as many people as we like is properly legit when we’re single, it may be that having a side girl is a sign of emotional immaturity and fear of real commitment rather than an alternative solution.

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