Overcome Jealousy And Live A Happy Life, It’s Simple

It’s been commonly known as the “green-eyed monster”, ancient Greek philosopher Socrates called it “the ulcer of the soul” and we’ve all felt the ugly sting of jealousy at some time or other in our lives. Unfortunately, the brutal combination of possessiveness, suspicion, and anger can take over our mind and bring out the worst in us, making our life a living hell. It is important, then, to learn how to overcome jealousy if we want to truly enjoy what life has to offer. Here’s how.

Tips on how to overcome jealousy and live a happy life.
It’s not easy to overcome jealousy, but life gets much better when you do.

To Overcome Jealousy We Need To Understand It

There is no way we can get over this negative feeling unless we understand what causes it. To do so, we need to think about the exact thing we are jealous of in our relationship.

The Things We Envy

Are we jealous of our partner’s success? Is it the fact they got a promotion at work when we haven’t been having much success in ours? Is it their good looks we are jealous of? Is it a good relationship they have with someone other than us? Identifying the exact thing making our life hell is the first, very important step to improving things.

The Underlying Reasons

After we’ve established what’s eating at us, we need to understand the source of it all. Is it that we feel inadequate at work? Is it that we don’t feel attractive enough?  Can it be that our partner is indeed too flirty and we are not exaggerating it all in our head?

Fighting The Green-Eyed Monster

The truth is that jealousy stems from our own deficiencies and weaknesses. If you feel you can do more at work, try a little harder for that promotion. Take a good look at yourself and appreciate the things you have going for you. Everyone has things to be proud of. From your expressive eyes to your genuine smile and from your talent at playing the guitar to your deep knowledge of a subject, there is at least one thing to be proud of.

Focus on that thing and amplify it. Then, work on your weaknesses. If you’ve let yourself go a little lately, go to the gym and lose those extra pounds. If you have been neglecting your interests and feel you’ve become a little boring, set some time aside for yourself. In time you will find you are regaining your confidence and slowly beating the green-eyed monster.

External Reasons

There is a possibility it’s not all in your head. In this case, you need to confront your partner and talk about things openly. There is no need to argue, but if you feel that she has been too flirty and she’s been leading people on, ask her to tone things down and also discuss the reasons why she’s been acting this way. Keep calm throughout the conversation. It may be that she is purposely trying to grab your attention, in which case you need to understand why she’s been feeling this way.

A Positive Outcome

In reality, jealousy can be a driving force that can make us improve ourselves and our lives. In a world that is so competitive and fast-paced, it is easy to be consumed by negative feelings and self-doubt. However, introspection and honesty can help us take a bad thing and turn it into something positive. This is the one and only way to really overcome jealousy and achieve personal happiness.

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