Will You Get Married If You Meet On A Dating Site? Here’s The Answer

Just a few years ago, if you said you were dating someone you’d met online people looked at you in a condescending manner and they would usually ask you “but why can’t you meet someone the normal way?” or just assume that there was something wrong with you. How times change. Fast forward some years and the same people are glued to their phones checking out people’s profiles left right and center. Dating sites and apps are an integral part of our lives today, but how realistic is it to expect to marry someone you’ve met on a dating site?

It is true - more and more people who meet on a dating site end up in long-term relationships, even marriage.
Is love on the cards for people who meet on a dating site? New survey evidence may surprise.

New Survey Reveals The Truth About Relationships Of People Who Met On a Dating Site

A survey carried out by SMS Marketing Service, SimpleTexting, and shared on Bustle, brought to light some very interesting facts regarding trends in dating apps, how successful relationships formed through online dating are and what people are looking for. Some of you might be surprised.

What Percentage Of People Who Met On a Dating Site Found Long-Lasting Love?

A significant 13.6% of those who met on dating sites have ended up either engaged or married. A further 14.7% have been in a relationship for over a year and another 7.2% are going steady, dating for over half a year. This combined results to a good 35.3% of people who met on dating sites being able to say they found lasting love. Is this a low percentage? Think about the chances of ending up with someone you dated whom you had met “in real life”. How many of those dates end up in long-lasting relationships?

What Are People Who Date Online Looking For In a Partner?

Perhaps predictably, men are more visual and pay a lot of attention to the profile picture of the lady (33.5%), while women are more interested in a guy’s own description of himself, looking for attractive personality traits (30.6%). However, they are both looking for the things they have in common, like common interests (around 20% for both genders).

What Kind Of Message Are They More Likely To Respond To?

Only a while ago, we told you about your biggest asset, the one characteristic most women find irresistible in a guy. This survey only comes to confirm what we already knew: humor is, indeed, key in flirting.  With a little less than 30% of those asked claiming they are more likely to reply to a humorous message, followed by 17% who would respond to a laconic ‘hey’, it becomes obvious that people respond well to humor and simplicity.

With more and more findings confirming that online dating works and people who meet on a dating site are not merely looking for a hook up (nothing wrong with that either, don’t get us wrong), don’t you just wish you had this data available to you back when people thought there was no future in online dating?

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