European Dating: Should Men Pay For Dates?

There’s a common question about European Dating that men are always embarrassed to ask. “Is it is necessary for the man to pay for all the dates?” It’s a great question and, in no way, will a man seem stingy when this topic is brought up! Let’s shed some light on the situation with today’s post.

Anastasia Date | European Dating: Should The Man Pay For Dates?
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An Important Point To Remember When European Dating

There’s one main point that you’re missing with European dating if you’re still asking the question after about a year of dating European women. Take a look at your partner’s dating culture. It is entirely different from the dating culture you have.

European Dating VS Your Dating Culture

You’re probably accustomed to the dating culture of the man only having to pay on the first, second or third dates. After a while, it becomes customary in your dating culture for the bill to be split – at least now and then. It is different when you are European dating because a man needs to be a complete gentleman, and that means picking up the bill every time.

What This DOESN’T Mean

Let’s clear this up before we proceed. Just because ladies from Europe think this way, it doesn’t mean that they are dependent on every gentleman to pay for whatever. Nope. European women are very independent and exciting, but they believe man can show that he’s a gentleman by picking up the bill.

When Is It Too Far?

We understand your concern, and you’re right in thinking that there should be boundaries. You need to remember that a decent European woman will not make you go shopping with her and have you pay for everything. Depending on what you have planned, the dates don’t have to be extravagant. A simple dinner, movie, and coffee will do.

Should You Be OK With This Dating Culture?

Whether you’re ok with this European dating culture or not is solely your choice. Please remember, though, that you’ll discover more differences (and similarities, of course) when you date European women. Maybe the basic question you should be asking yourself is if you’re cut out for European dating or not.

We hope that this post was helpful! If you need more dating tips, we have more posts for you to check out on our blog.