Ukrainian Dating Tips: Eat And Drink Like A Ukrainian

When you’re dating a Ukrainian lady, you don’t only have to deal with her psyche, but you’ll also be dealing with her culture. If you want the relationship to blossom, it’s important to understand how things are done in Ukraine. In Ukrainian culture, there’s a lot to learn, but let’s start with simple Ukrainian dating tips that you can use practically.

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Ukrainian Dating One On One: Eating And Drinking Culture Of Your Lady

First thing’s first, you have to learn the basics of how to behave during social gatherings where eating and drinking is involved. You can use this piece of knowledge when on dates, and, more importantly, when meeting her family.

Dating Tip #1: Get Used To Ukrainian Dishes

This Ukrainian dating tip is at the top on this list because this is what you need to do first. Ukrainians take pride in their national dishes and in the food they cook so it would be downright offensive if you refused a plate or two because you are unfamiliar with what it is or you’re too afraid to taste it. Do your homework, dine in Ukrainian restaurants, or have your Ukrainian lady cook dishes for you so you know what to expect before the big dinner.

Dating Tip #2: Always Say Yes To Seconds

This Ukrainian dating tip applies more to meeting the family. When you are offered a second serving of whatever, never refuse it. Even though you already ate a lot, you still have to say yes especially if the mother or grandmother offers you the dish.

Dating Tip #3: Know When It Is OK To Drink

You’ve already probably heard the stories about how Ukrainians drink. It’s mostly right, but you have to remember this: Ukrainian women do not like men who drink too much. When you’re with your lady’s family, she won’t mind you drinking, but if you often go on drinking adventures that go beyond what’s called social drinking, you may be creating friction in the relationship. According to most dating blogs, the main reason why Ukrainian women want to date foreign men is that Ukrainian men drink too much.

More Ukrainian Dating Tips

We hope you found these tips helpful. The main thing, really, is for you to do your homework before going on a date or meeting your Ukrainian lady’s family. We have more Ukrainian dating tips for you on our blog so make sure you check out our other posts.