She’s Not As Emotionally Mature As You Thought

We all want to be with a partner who is emotionally mature enough to survive the tough times with you. We need someone who can see things from a healthy and realistic perspective so conflicts are easily resolved. However, most of the time, we go into a relationship thinking that the other person automatically has the level of maturity we are expecting. It might not be the case.

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Signs Your Girlfriend Isn’t Emotionally Mature Yet

At the start of every relationship, a couple tends to show off the best side of them. Or, more likely, they are choosing to see the more positive side in their partner because they are on a “love high”. But, eventually, as the honeymoon phase ends, the couple becomes more aware of each other’s faults. This is about when you’ll notice if your lady isn’t as emotionally mature as you initially thought. Here are some signs you should watch out for:

Conflicts Become A Full-Blown Battle

We must find a relationship with a person can address conflict appropriately. Of course, we cannot avoid issues from happening, but what’s unhealthy is if we burst out in anger and refuse to resolve things by communication. This is a major sign of not being emotionally mature.

Communication Inconsistency

Speaking of communication, if your girlfriend isn’t the one who initiates a conversation most of the time, it could be a sign that she isn’t ready for a serious relationship. Those who are emotionally mature often communicate effectively, checking in with their partner, may it be through call, text or chat.

Awkwardness Towards Your Emotional State

You’ll know that you are with a girlfriend who isn’t mature enough emotionally if she feels weirded out or awkward about you being emotional. Of course, there will be instances where our partner may not know what to do when we are emotionally distressed but our partner wouldn’t act out as we are because she doesn’t know how to handle our situation.

It’s a sad thing when you discover that your lady wasn’t as mature as you thought. When you spot any of the signs, decide whether your partner’s emotional maturity is something that you can wait for. Decide wisely because being with someone who is emotionally immature could result in a lot of friction in a relationship. For more relationship updates, read other posts on our blog.