Signs That You Have An Unhealthy Attitude Towards Relationships

Whether we want to admit it or not, we only have ourselves to blame for our dating life going south. We don’t want to hear this because we don’t hold ourselves responsible for whatever happens. Usually, we blame it on fate or destiny. However, we should be blaming our unhealthy attitude towards relationships than anything else.

Signs That Have An Unhealthy Attitude Towards Relationships | Anastasia Date

Our Unhealthy Attitude Keeps Us From Finding Love

Most of us don’t really see that we have an unhealthy attitude towards relationships. We feel like we’re just doing our best, without taking accountability for the mistakes we’ve done. For example, we usually think that:

1. We can find ourselves through our relationships.

Almost all of us aren’t fully sure of who we are as a person. Throughout our lives, we may make little discoveries which makes us more complete. But, we cannot expect our relationship to do this for us. We cannot allow our relationship to define who we are as a person.

2. All relationships will be the same.

We have encountered a lot of past hurts. It is because of this that we feel like all relationships are the same. Or, we may feel like all of our relationships will have the same pattern. If things are going great, we might question it instead of appreciating it.

3. We don’t want to be alone.

In some cases, we fall for the first person who is showing interest in us. We think that it is wonderful that someone is appreciative of us, without getting to know this person better. Commonly, we might think that it’s love when it is really fear – the fear of being alone.

All of these misconceptions are common today. We want to be in a great place when it comes to love, but we don’t really change ourselves for the better to make it happen. We don’t acknowledge our unhealthy attitude and behavior. What we do simply go from one relationship to the next, doing the same things over and over again. It is time to change. For more tips about how to improve your dating life, read other posts on the blog.