Reviews How Couples Can Manage Conflict In The Relationship


In every relationship, there is conflict. It is something that’s inevitable. A couple can only do so much to avoid having conflict within the relationship, but because the relationship is made up of two people with unique personalities, a clash of some sort will eventually take place. Reviews How Couples Can Manage Conflict In The Relationship
Communication is always the key to a successful relationship / Source: Reviews Tips On How To Handle Conflict

As mentioned, conflicts are inevitable. All you can do, as a couple, is prepare yourselves to resolve a dispute in the healthiest way possible. How can a couple do this? reviews tips for resolving conflict:

1. Count To 10 Rule

Do you remember what your parents used to tell you when you get mad? Try to calm down by counting to 10. You can apply this when you’re in a relationship too. When you and your partner are upset, counting to 10 is a good way to calm yourselves down before discussing the issue you’re experiencing. When you feel that a discussion is becoming an argument, both of you have to agree to take a step back, and count to 10 or 100 to cool off.

2. Deal With Anger Positively

Anger may not be viewed as a positive emotion, but it is a healthy one. It’s normal for a person to feel angry when they are frustrated or when they have been wronged. But, what’s not right is when you let that anger build up so much that you can no longer control it.

As a couple, you both have to identify what can calm you down when each of your anger is building up. You can refer to #1 if you need a break. You can also follow more practical approaches like take a relaxing bath, cry out all of the frustrations, or do push ups.

3. Designate Your Safe Word

Your safe word will serve as your “cease and desist”. When either one of you hears this word, both of you have to stop before you do or say things you might regret. Your safe word can be anything from “coffee” to a title of a movie or a book.

Do you see a pattern here? All of these tips have to be pre-discussed. Talking to each other before a conflict arises will ensure that both people in the relationship can handle the situation in a way that both have approved. What do you think of today’s review? There are other reviews on the blog so make sure you check out our other posts.