AnastasiaDate Scam Or Real: Are These First Date Moves Impressive?

Let’s see if this statement is still real or a scam in today’s dating scene: you have to go with the classic moves for your first date to be impressive. We all want to make the best first impression when we are on a first date. But, because we’re so nervous, most of the time we go with first date moves that are “classic”. Well, classic is just another word for outdated since the dating game has changed so much in the past years.

AnastasiaDate Scam Or Real: Are These First Date Moves Still Impressive?
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AnastasiaDate Scam Or Real: First Date Moves That Are Cliche And Outdated

Remember, cliches are not impressive. We may think that what we are doing is a necessary first date move, but let’s skip them altogether because they are too old school for the new way of dating. So, what are these first date moves that we should be dropping when we go on a first date in the 21st century?

Bringing Flowers

Are you still bringing flowers to your first dates? It’s a sweet gesture, for a second, third or even fourth date, but you should skip bringing flowers on your first date because you’re aiming to see if your casual meeting can turn into something romantic.

First dates are great opportunities for both people to see if the “spark” is there. Save your flowers when you actually feel that there’s a potential romantic connection to be made.

First Date In Formal Attire

Do you still think of wearing something formal when you go on first dates? Don’t. First dates are more casual than romantic, so maybe you can reserve your suite for your, let’s say, third date. Besides, you don’t want to create the wrong atmosphere during your first date. When you show up wearing something formal, it will tell your date that you are snobbish and too focused on looks.

Picking Her Up

Do you still think that picking up your date is appropriate? It might have been years ago, but it’s not now, especially if you two have never met prior to your first date. There are a couple of reasons why picking someone up is not the norm anymore, but it mostly comes down to safety. In other words, your date most likely doesn’t want you to see where she lives before she gets to know you.

So, let’s go back to the question: do you still think that the “classic” first date moves are impressive in today’s dating scene? We hope that this has given you a better perspective on modern dating. We have more AnastasiaDate scam or real articles on the blog. Also, visit AnastasiaDate to meet lovely Eastern European ladies.