AnastasiaDate User Reviews: Couples Who Found Love


Did you know that there are a million messages exchanged on Anastasia Date every day? With that big of a number, there are bound to be a couple of success stories. But, many people still ask: is AnastasiaDate an effective option for finding love online? Let’s answer this question today with AnastasiaDate user reviews.

Anastasia Date | AnastasiaDate User Reviews: Couples Who Found Love
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Meet Couples Who Have Positive AnastasiaDate User Reviews

Lyubov and Dennis

Lyubov lives in Kiev Ukraine while Dennis is a native of Brooklyn. Dennis tells Anastasia Date that the first message he ever sent Lyubov was a question about what her name meant because it sounded unique to him. Lyubov answered that her name meant “love” in her language. That response triggered Dennis to ask more questions and to have more conversations with Lyubov because he took her answer as a sign. Lyubov was a little bit shy at first, but she eventually warmed up to Dennis after a few messages. The two are currently exclusively dating and have plans to meet in person in 2017.

Anastasia and Kevin

Anastasia and Kevin were like a match made in heaven because the two felt very comfortable with each other even during their initial messages. There was no awkward moment; Kevin told Anastasia Date. They’re both well-travelled, so they talked about their adventures in different parts of the world most of the time. It wasn’t long until Anastasia visited Kevin in the Twin Cities. They’re now a long-distance couple who plans backpacking adventures in countries they’ve never visited every year.

Irina and Mark

Last, but not the least for our AnastasiaDate user reviews is the testimony of Irina and Mark. According to the couple’s account of their online relationship, Mark had to go through a lot of tests because Irina was skeptical of his intentions. Irina viewed him as a playboy or someone who doesn’t want a serious relationship. Mark stuck it out, and Irina was so impressed that she made an effort to contact him through the telephone to have their first-ever voice conversation. Now, they’re pacing themselves slowly and testing out the waters to see where it leads them.

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